" Angels " have been a part of
My Life for as long as I can remember ...
They are the Gentle Beings who have
been My Loving Teachers ...
Guiding Me through the good and not
such good " Life Lessons "
I had chosen to go through while
living as a Human on this Beloved Earth .
This is a collection of the cards
I have created to share with
All who pass by for
" Angel Healing " and " Connection "...
may They inspire You to
continue to work and play
with these Special Guardians ,
to create the life We All came here to enjoy !

Angels are Special Beings of Light ...
sent by Mother and Father God
to Love , Guide and Protect
Us , Our Beloved Planet ,
and the whole Universe .
There are many different types of
Angels and Archangels
taking care of Us and helping
Us right now , as We
All travel this Pathway
towards the Light .